SoulSpeaks - Spiritual Healing Method by Lois Hollis



WHO ACCEPTED SHAME/GUILT ALONG THE WAY                                  


SOULSPEAKS© is a fun quick way to discover your true self as

you talk with your emotions instead of about them.


SOULSPEAKS is a groundbreaking interpersonal healing method that helps discover the shame/guilt that you unknowingly repressed. Repressed shame/guilt must be conscious to be released. Unlike other approaches, Soulspeaks guides you to release shame/guilt negatives emotions still carry to unlock your creative potential. You can transform anger into passion and depression into compassion meanwhile releasing the shame/guilt around your  ego rather than suppressing it.

Despite society’s judgments, negative emotions are not bad. Each emotion has both a negative and positive orientation. SHAME/GUILT trauma turns positive emotions into negative emotions and our emotions sabotage instead of supporting us.  Without SHAME/GUILT  holding our emotions hostage, anger transforms into passion and depression into compassion.

SOULSPEAKS helps you to find your repressed painful emotions and thoughts within your inner self and guides you as an adult would loving re-parent their isolated traumatized child without judgment. Since the inner world of self resides in timelessness, a small of amount of love can quickly heal the most painful trauma. Your healed inner persona brings your outer persona into health.


Lois gives us a glimpse into the unconscious mind in her film, “Out of Discord Into Harmony.” She takes us on a journey into our family of emotions who are waiting for us to help them find each other and live in harmony. Once they live in harmony we find ourselves in harmony as well.

Through healing rather than managing your emotions, you can discover and decrease the malingering dysfunctional patterns that may have restricted you from achieving your goals and/or obtaining peace

Lois shows you how to heal and integrate repressed negative emotions and other withdrawn parts of your personality to live a more empowered life. No matter what your state of being, Lois will teach you how to push your goalposts forward and achieve a healthier and enhanced life. From the depressed adult to the confused teenager, Lois has helped others to achieve their goals.

New Age Spiritual Healing Method

Communication with your emotions is the panacea for emotional and mental health. Until the 19th-century psychology was a study of the spirit or soul. After that time psychology was changed to be a study of the mind and eventually, authorities gave labels to the different states of being which again evolved into disease states. However, no matter the dysfunction that psychology labels a person the remedy is the same.

Stefan Molyneux: Freedomain Radio

“There Is No Such Thing As Mental Illness”