Shame-Guilt Educator | Coach, Counselor, Therapist, Guide

Guide and Educator for Shame/Guilt


SHAME/GUILT has distorted our quality of life.

We often collapse into the hypnotic maze of low self-esteem

that leads to emotional and physical disorders.


I call myself a Shame/Guilt Educator although others call me a coach, counselor, therapist, and guide. I have redefined shame and guilt which challenges current dogma and treatments. My work offers a way to diminish shame and guilt behaviors in our lives and continues to increases in effectiveness over time. We can reclaim our innate self-esteem to express authenticity without intimidation.


In 1943, I was born in Baltimore, Maryland. I earned my RN registered nurse degree from St. Joseph Hospital and achieved my BSN Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Pennsylvania. For thirty years I gained significant experience as a nurse in various departments of medicine such as open heart surgery, neurosurgery, and gastroenterology. However, I spent most of my nursing career in the area of Nephrology, the treatment of kidney disorders. I used my talents in research, teaching and consulting to help establish one of the first kidney hemodialysis units in the United States; containing a hepatitis epidemic standardizing; and developing protocols for hepatitis management before the development of the hepatitis vaccine.




After my retirement from the kidney hemodialysis field, I married and was privileged to raise my three beautiful girls. Despite my many accomplishments, I eventually succumbed to headaches, guilt-ridden depression with heart disease and structural deformities. After two decades of unsuccessful relief from the traditional medical and psychological professions, I entered the world of holistic health. I soon discovered that my emotional and physical health intricately weave themselves  to produce either health or disease. However, I had to go a step further to heal completely. I learned that shame/guilt distorts our biological systems and creates emotional and physical disorders with pain. Now I had a way to live in health.


Shame-Guilt Educator


Through many years of struggle, learning, and research I not only regained my health but I have a new level of vibrancy to enjoy my children, grandchildren, and my loving partner.




Educator - Coach Release Shame and Guilt


Today, I share how shame/guilt has led us down a path of trauma and  how we can break free of its entanglement

to empower


enjoy our lives with greatness.



   SHAME/GUILT is not ours to own or to give.