Interview Lois Hollis  Sedona, Arizona 

Lois Hollis’ interview  challenges psychology as she reveals how emotions are parts of your soul and how your connection brings you into health. She also introduces her DVD “Out Of Discord Into Harmony” which gives a groundbreaking approach to deepen spirituality while integrating disassociated personality parts to return to health.    2008      22  minutes

   Never…Ever… Give Up HOPE

  Nothing Destroys Hope More Than Shame and Guilt    This fantastic interview  with Lois Hollis and host Carol Graham gives insight as to who Lois is and her powerful  message of healing. She shares her unique insight on shame and guilt. You will be educated  and  motivated!   01/ 30/ 2016   45 minutes           Click Here


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Lois Hollis’ interview gives an exciting interview that will radically change the way you view shame and guilt. Her innovative information will offer you a way to make friends with your inner critic rather than reject him. You and your inner critic will be able to identify and release shame and guilt behaviors.         12/ 2015  23 minutes         Click Here


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Lois Hollis interview introduces her most recent book “Emotional Revolution=Evolution: Releasing Shame/Guilt” that gives a revolutionary perspective on shame and guilt. She illustrates how shame/guilt keeps you in unwanted karma and stifles evolution.   01/15/ 2016   9 minutes       Click Here



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Comments from Dr. Renee Sunday. “Wow. What a powerful show with you. Thank you so very much for being our guest.”

Lois Hollis interview explains the difference between shame and guilt words in contrast to neutral words in conversations. She also illustrates practical ways of eliminating shame and guilt behavior because it is the most destructive force in your life  06/23/2016

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Lois Hollis explains the importance of individuals who seek a more          spiritual life need to understand the truth about shame and guilt. 07/19/2016

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