Lois Hollis

As a shame/guilt educator, I offer a way to identify and release shame/guilt behaviors so that you can re-balance your emotions to live the life you choose. The current trend of telling your mind to stop feeling shame and guilt or justifying why these feelings keep you moral does not support health. Shame/guilt isolates you in the prison of low self-esteem and the stigma of mental illness. Without shaming, you can overcome trauma, release stress, realize your goals, expand your innate sense of creativity, and awaken your self-love divinity.

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In my work, I expand the concept of the inner child to include the inner family. Your inner family within the unconscious mind carries the shame/guilt from past and present abusive experiences which influence your present life. However, when you release the shame/guilt from your inner family that they still carry, you also release the emotional blocks and dysfunctions within your present life. With a new script in your unconscious mind, you sustain new healthier behaviors and beliefs leading to a new and healthier lifestyle.

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Current Mental Health Crisis

Depression is a common illness worldwide with an estimated 350 million people affected.
Depression and other mental health conditions are on the rise globally.

*Suicide is the tenth leading cause of death in the U.S.* (more common than homicide)
*61,500,000* One in four adults experience a mental health disorder in a given year.
*$100,000,000,000* Estimated economic cost of untreated mental illness in the U.S.
*800,000* Estimated number of people globally who die by suicide each year.
*350,000,000* Number of people worldwide who are affected by depression.
*40,000,000* Number of adults who suffer from anxiety disorders in the U.S.